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Education for individuals and organisations.

M&E Workshop

Bring data to the forefront of decision-making and planning.

Location: AU

Cost: From $395

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Social Impact Workshop

Designing for impact: Improving the quality, impact and effectiveness of programming.

Location: AU

Cost: From $295

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Public Participation Workshop

Build trusting through advancing community engagement.

Location: AU

Cost: From $295

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Theory of Change & Logframe Workshop

Design, plan, monitor & evaluate projects that get results & attract donor support.

Location: AU

Cost: From $395

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Emerging Technology Workshop

How to secure talent, technology and access to data to make the most of this opportunity..

Location: AU

Cost: From $295

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Pre-Service Academy

Gain the insights and expertise you need to launch a Humanitarian career.

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AI & Inequality Learning Event

Our world is being transformed by two big forces: the technological revolution and the rise in inequality.

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We provide professional services to international and national NGOs, UN agencies, academic institutions, governments and private sector organisations.

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